a purchase offer valued at up to 1,000 million dollars

When a small service or application shines, it does not take long for a giant to appear who wants to acquire it. We saw it recently with the purchase of the almost new born tbh from Facebook or with the attempt of Google to buy on Snapchat, an offer that they say, is still on the table.

Now is another small company, responsible for the video application, Musical.ly which has received a succulent offer from a giant, specifically from the Asian online content platform, ByteDance. What figures are we talking about to say "succulent"? For nothing more and nothing less than 800 million .

The "lip sync" to the conquest of Asia

Bytedance described the agreement not as a purchase, but as a "merger" but in his statements did not offer more details of the transaction. Regarding the quantity offered by the Asian giant, the news agency Bloomberg aims to 800 million dollars while The Wall Street Journal raises the figures to billion.

Musical.ly will continue to operate independently despite the acquisition by Bytedance

Musical.ly was founded in Shanghai in 2014 and currently has 120 million users users belonging mostly to the younger group. It started as a service to share videos, then it became the star playback or lip sync application, and now it has almost become a social .

According to both companies, despite the purchase (or merger) will be carried out imminently, Musical.ly (which claims to be the first Chinese social network to enjoy true success in the US) will continue to function as an independent platform although , yes, IA by Bytedance and above all, taking advantage of its reach in China and the rest of the Asian market to expand.

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