Because people are looking for very specific things, Pornhub trains an AI to tag all their videos


In order to make its users happier to keep coming back, Pornhub is implementing a new machine learning system to process data and identify its videos, so that site offers more accurate results when someone Find what you like to see .

Pornhub videos are currently tagged by users, both uploaders and viewers, but now an artificial intelligence will be the main person in charge of that work.

The AI ​​model has been beta tested and thanks to facial recognition technologies has been able to identify porn stars appearing in 50,000 videos .

The plan is to scan the entire library of 5 million Pornhub videos so that the AI ​​is able to know quite accurately what kind of content appears in it to add tags ranging from things like "public "the" blonde ".

The AI ​​is in training, that is to say that it is injected several thousands of videos next to official photos of the porn stars so that it learns using artificial vision. Based on what it learns, it then scans the videos and adds tags, and users vote those AI tags depending on their validity so that they continue to learn.

Pornhub also insists that the system can not be abused to identify actors who prefer to remain anonymous, and states that facial recognition will only identify persons who are already in their database and have given consent .

Via | VentureBeat
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