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Survivor Multi-Tool Shovel

  • Survivor Multi-Tool Shovel


    Conquer whatever environment you’re placed in with the multi-tool survival shovel. Crafted from heavy duty stainless steel, this extremely versatile shovel functions as five different tools, such as a hammer, a saw, and a knife. The great outdoors won’t stand a chance.

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    Amazon Today’s Deals

  • Amazon Today’s Deals


    Find the best stuff at the lowest prices by browsing Amazon's incredible daily deals! With everything from TVs to jewelry to laptops to toys, you'll save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars!

    4moms Self-Installing Car Seat

  • 4moms Self-Installing Car Seat


    Ensure the safety of your little bundle of joy during roadtrips by placing her in this self-installing car seat. Instead of having to hassle with seat belts, this car seat automatically installs, levels, and continuously adjusts the tension on itself.Complete peace of mind. When installed ...

    $399.99 $500.00

    We feature products that have a focus on being out-of-the-ordinary, having amazing product design, or just being really or odd or unusual.

    Simuladores del Mercado de Valores

  • Simuladores del Mercado de Valores


    ¿Que es un simulador de Mercado? Un simulador de mercado de valores es un programa o aplicación que intenta reproducir o duplicar algunas o todas las características del mercado de valores en vivo en un ordenador para que un jugador pueda practicar acciones comerciales sin riesgo financiero. El comercio de papel (a ...

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