Cortana more and more protagonist of our connected home thanks to an upcoming update


Yesterday we discussed how Cortana was getting a little closer to homes with the arrival of Invoke, the speaker that signed by Harman Kardon is already listed in the Microsoft Store in the United States. A assistant who from Microsoft are spoiling with constant improvements, who knows if because they see in the same future that in the manufacture of .

The fact is that following this process of continuous improvements, some of Windows 10 have seen a new feature appear in Cortana that under the name of Connected will allow users to control the connected devices in the smart home

And come to this point some may think it is not new, since through third-party applications was a feasible possibility using third-party applications. However it seems that with this update Cortana will be able to interact with the intelligent devices natively without third party apps in between.

Imagine to say Cortana, turn on the heating or turn off the light of the room

In this way Cortana will be compatible with products of brands like Nest, Phillips Hue, SmartThings, Insteon and Wink a list that is expected to increase with the passage of time. It will be enough to give the order to Cortana so that, in with the other element, execute the function dictated.

It is a functionality similar to those already found in Google or Amazon with its products and that apparently it would debut in the market with the arrival of Invoke of Harman Kardon. A speaker that would serve as the nerve center of the connected home.

For now Connected Home is a feature that is being deployed gradually among users in the United States so it may take some time to reach all the computers. We also hope to confirm this information to see if it will jump to other countries or stay in North American territory.

Source | MSPowerUser
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