"Dash Charge is the best option for now

The charge that we have now is not as wireless as we would like it to be but it is a first step to achieve the real utopia: to be able to charge the phone being several meters away from the socket that we choose to place the charger. That will represent a major step forward in the process of returning the life to a battery, and will probably mean the death of the charging cable as such.

The current model of wireless charging, that we should call charge is suffering a push because the last iPhone have decided to get on the bandwagon with Qi technology, but in OnePlus they do not seem to think so. Pete Lau, CEO of the company, has come up against the rumors of the OnePlus 5T to confirm that wireless charging is not in his plans in the short term. For them Dash Charge is the best option.

Dash Charge is the best for OnePlus

Pete Lau account in an article published in the OnePlus forum that the company does not consider for the moment the jump to wireless charging because, Unless someone proves otherwise, your fast charging system is better. He does not say it literally but he senses when he unravels talking about his 20-watt system a system that allows us to offer a full day of charging in just half an hour that we spend next to the plug.

Wireless charging, Lau continues, only offers a theoretical maximum potential of 15 watts, and that only if the phone is placed in the correct position. It all has to do with the electromagnetic field that connects the coils of the wireless charger with the coil placed next to the phone's battery. A very short field that loses power as a function of distance.

With the 20 watts offered by the charger for Dash Charge, the OnePlus 5T will receive enough energy for an entire day in just 30 minutes

Lau It also mentions that if the wireless charge has to feed several devices at once, referring in a veiled manner to the Apple Wireless AirPower charging pad that allows the AirPods and the Watch to be added to the batch, the power is divided among all. What you get, therefore, is a charging system that does not allow us to use the mobile during the process and that is far from having the speed of a fast charging system.

According to Lau, Dash Charge makes the phone stay cool during the charging period and optimizes the transfer of power from the charger to the phone. Not to mention that during the loading time one can pick up the phone and play take a picture or simply surf the Internet or check social networks. Something that, logically, can not be done with the load by contact. If we separate the phone from the charger, it's over.

So, we should not expect the future OnePlus 5T from the Chinese manufacturer to join the fashion of wireless charging . We will have to wait for future generations of the phone, the evolution of the wireless charging system or that the managers of OnePlus change their mind about it. But for the OnePlus 5T it is not going to give time anymore. Sorry, you'll have to carry it with cable, Lau's word.

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