Did you expect the Surface Precision Mouse? You can now book Microsoft's new mouse … in the United States

To speak of Microsoft is not to do it at this point only in reference to . The Redmond also create hardware and not just any one. It is about high quality products. Devices that compete as equals in benefits with the proposed improvements in the and with a design that surpasses even the product of Apple, traditional standard bearers in this aspect.

We have all-in-one equipment, laptops, tablets, keyboards and of course, mice. Within the latter, the Surface Arc or the Surface Mouse are a good example. Two great peripherals that however can be short for some who seek more precision to work. A niche market that may be useful for the Surface Precision Mouse a peripheral that can already be booked in the Microfoam Store.

The Surface Precision Mouse is a normal mouse, less at a glance. However in its interior conceals a greater ability to be more reliable with the use of the movements of our hand . An improvement that contributes to the use of a much more ergonomic design than the one offered by the Surface Mouse, for example. This grip is aided by the left side flap and the placement of three customizable buttons on that side to have more commonly used functions.

The Surface Precision Mouse is compatible with computers that work on 10, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and macOS and stands out for offer use capacity with up to three different devices, for which you can use wireless connectivity via Bluetooth or classic via USB. And in this sense a caveat, because on Mac computers and PCs with Windows 7, can only be used through USB, while Android phones can only connect via Bluetooth.

 Surface Precision Mouse Reserva

The other limitation that it offers is that the customizable buttons only work in teams with Windows 10 not being compatible with computers that have Windows 10 S, since Microsoft's Mouse and Keyboard Center software is not available for that version of Windows.

This Microsoft mouse also stands out for offering the user a perfect, smoother and even glide which results in a more accurate movement on the screen.

Price and availability

The Microsoft Surface Precision Mouse for now can only be I'll find n the Microsoft Store in the United States at a price of 99.99 dollars, and it will be on November 16 the date on which it will be for sale, as in the case of the Surface Book 2.

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