Fast Ring and Skip Ahead Insider users can now download and install Build 17035 on their computers

We are on Thursday, after half of the workweek and we have to talk about the release of builds, in this case one such as Build 17035 that arrives for users who are inside ] Fast Ring and Skip Ahead within the Insider Program.

This is a Build that comes with a particularity and is that has left aside the computers that have an AMD processor so if you are in one of these rings and have a processor of the brand on your computer, you can not get it. It is a measure that is given by the failure that occurs with this type of equipment and in which they are working to find a prompt solution. While it is worth knowing what are the new offered by this Build 17035.

  • Mute-a-Tab : now we can mute a tab that plays audio, something that has surely given you headaches in more than one chance. For this we will see an audio icon that is shown when a tab is playing sound to mute them.

    • New options are added in the context menu for books : new options related to reading in the Book panel; it's about View in the Microsoft Store, Anchor to Home and Refresh.
    • Share is added close : a new function is added when sharing that with the name Near Share will allow searching and finding nearby devices to share files with them via Bluetooth or links. We are going to need a PC with Bluetooth, turn Near Share on the source PC and the target PC (we see it in the "Notification Center"), then look for the Share icon in any of your favorite applications and with the right button click in Share that will show a list of devices in the upper part looking with the one we want to share.
     ] Writing
    • We can use a gesture to put more space between the words : drawing a vertical line between two words, we will create a space between them.
    • Text suggestions : the possibility of seeing text suggestions while you write is added on a physical keyboard. To select the desired word, touch space or enter. It is a function that reaches only the students of English, education and accessibility.

    Other improvements introduced

    • Fixed an issue of the previous Build that caused when launching an application with a debugger connected it was made to hang on the home screen.
    • Cortana knows how to show reminders based on the location when the default location is configured as a PC in your home or office,
    • Updated Cortana Collections to be compatible with the clear theme
    • There will be possible failures due to changes in the configuration page of Use of data in Settings> Network and Internet.
    • Fixed a problem showing some download errors from the store on the Windows Update History page.
    • Updated the Notification so that you can now use Reveal from Fluent Design.
    • Fixed a problem and now we can swipe to remove notifications from the Action Center in the latest Builds.
    • Fixed a problem when discarding an alarm notification with the equipment blocked.
    • Fixed a problem that caused that though uninstall an application, the tile could still exist in the menu.
    • Fixed an issue where, after connecting through Remote Desktop, the first local start of the Start menu showed Start briefly cut in the top half before animate in the lower part
    • Fixed a bug that made that after updating the start menu, we could see multiple listings of applications with only the name "NoUIEntryPoints-DesignMode" and a gray tile.
    • Fixed a failure by which it was not possible to the name of the files in the File Explorer when using the "Small Icons" view. [19659034] Fixed a bug where the use of the File Picker from a UWP application showed an error saying "multiple selections are not allowed" when trying to select multiple images from a phone connected to the PC via USB.
    • Solved a problem that caused failures in the Start menu in the last two builds.
    • Fixed a bug that made notifications with progress bars not update while the Action Center was open.
    • Fixed a bug that made valid characters on the touch keyboard were unexpectedly disabled in the password fields for certain keyboards.
    • Fixed an issue where alpha mode could not be changed when the touch keyboard was used with a Japanese third party IME.
    • ] Fixed a bug whereby the state of the input indicator would not be retained during the restart if it was set to a value other than the default value.
    • S Fixed a problem that caused the touch keyboard to appear unexpectedly after setting the focus to Start when it was in tablet mode.
    • Fixed a bug that caused ink traces in OneNote to change unexpectedly.
    • Fixed the error that caused that the tactile keyboard did not appear in certain fields of text with the keyboard coupled in way tablet.
    • Fixed a fault that made that sometimes the words were duplicated when using the writing panel by hand in certain applications.
    • Fixed a problem with Forza Horizon 3 that caused it to run unexpectedly with an "incompatible graphics card" error in some laptop configurations.
    • Fixed an issue where pressing Shift + Delete while editing the URL of a favorite and that caused the favorite entry to be deleted.
    • Fixed a problem in the previous build where I changed them s made in the marks About: in Microsoft Edge were not saved.

    Problems that persist

    • Possible failures in Mail, Cortana, Narrator or you lack some features like Windows Media Player. If you suffer, consult the Feedback Hub.
    • There is a noticeable screen flicker when using quick action keys or the touchpad to switch between virtual desktops.
    • Check boxes may be missing in certain Win32 applications.

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