Flying Dune Super Buggy

Whether it’s a horde of zombies or a flood of biblical proportions, the flying dune buggy is the ultimate post apocalyptic getaway vehicle. It features a versatile design for easy off-road , and its propeller and paraglider wing allow it to fly at altitudes up to 15,000 feet.

Flying Dune Super Buggy Flying Dune Super Buggy


SkyRunner is the ultimate recreational vehicle combining off-road adventure with one of the safest forms of aviation. SkyRunner’s patent pending transforms an all-terrain vehicle into light-sports aircraft in a matter of minutes. With relatively short takeoff and landing needs, open , grass strips and secluded beaches becoming the runways of choice. Using the latest ram-air parafoil wing technology, renowned for its safety due to the inherent stability, control and resistance to stalls, SkyRunner can reach air speeds of 40mph whilst restricted to a maximum regulated altitude of 10,000 feet. SkyRunner allows pilots to see the from a low vantage point that is not safely attainable by most fixed-wing airplanes. SkyRunner is the ultimate sightseeing recreational aircraft that you an exhilarating experience and true sense of adventure. A new world of adventure awaits!

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