Following these steps we can always assign the same letter to an external drive that we connect to Windows 10


It touches on customization in our teams, an ability to adapt the operating of shift to our tastes, needs and even customs that makes us perform more and better in our day to day. And for this nothing better than to take into account some functions that can be useful.

And it is that who has not happened that when connecting sometimes a USB stick or an external hard disk simultaneously, has found that at the time of disconnecting it does not know which is each of them. It is something that can happen and a situation to which it favors that is the system that assigns the letters to the devices .

With this letter, the system determines the destination unit in order to work with it . In our , we will copy files from "D" or move to "H". The system assigns some letters that can vary each time and how, depending on the case, it can be annoying, here we will see how it can be prevented.

And it is that if we always work with an external in , the system allows this unit to always appear on the screen with the same letter so that we will find it much easier to locate it and distinguish it from other devices that we may eventually have connected. And this is something we can solve in a few steps.

The first step is access to the "Administrative Tools" and to do so the quickest is to write it in the search box at the bottom left of the screen.

 One “/>  One "src ="

Once inside and from all the options select "Device Manager"

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A new window opens and we must enter in the section "Storage"

Following these steps we can always assign the same letter to an external drive that we connect to Windows 10 Three “/>

Once inside the "Storage" we select "Disk Administrator".

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We are in "Disk Administrator" and now we mark the drive with which we want to work and we do click in "Change letter and drive paths" .


A new window opens and we click on "Remove" for to delete the letter that has associated it .

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"Add" and ** we type the letter with which we want to identify our unit .

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We have changed the letter and we only have to click on "Accept" and exit .

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With this method the operating system will monitor that every time we connect that unit to the computer, it has the same letter the one we have given and with which it can operate normally. This way we will be easier to locate the device in case of having several connected.


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