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G-Shock GA-700

Today, G-SHOCK announces the launch of the GA700, a model with a bold new silhouette, ideal for awakening your most intrepid side.

The watch case is equipped with a frontal button, which controls the super light illumination LED to provide a perfect reading under any circumstances. Large side buttons facilitate access to the multiple functions of the watch, while the 3D hands complete its vigorous appearance by its robust design, which seems to be sculpted in metal.

G-Shock GA-700

Front Button Series


The GA700 is available in three different color combinations, including black with red accents (GA700-1A), black (GA700-1B) and red with black accents (GA700-4A). In addition, the model has all the technology that distinguishes G-SHOCK watches, such as water resistance up to 200 m, impact resistance, world time with 31 time zones, four daily alarms, stopwatch, timer and 12/24 format Hours, all in a box of 53.4 millimeters.

The G-SHOCK GA700 model has an estimated cost of $98 and has been available from December 1st, 2016 and can be bought from Amazon.

The all-new G-Shock GA-700 Series will make its debut in November with the black and red GA-700-1AJF (above, with positive LCD display), black GA-700-1BJF, and red GA-700-1AJF. This large case analog-digital model features a deep 3D index and a front-facing Super Illuminator LED backlight button in a similar style to the Rangeman and Mudmaster. The GA-700 will be a the main option for an affordable analog-digital model with a front backlight button.

  • positive LCD display
  • large case analog-digital model
  • deep 3D index
  • front-facing Super Illuminator LED backlight button

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Last updated on April 20, 2017 5:46 am GMT
G-Shock GA-700

Front Button Series


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