Gatebox Holographic Assistant

Gatebox is a project that grants the dream of closing the distance between you and characters.

Gatebox lets you can talk to the holographic figure inside a glass tube. Its array of sensors include a camera, microphone, motion sensor, warmth and moisture sensors, luminance sensor, and touch buttons. So it’s more like it’s more like a pricey Google Home or Amazon Echo than an actual robot, since it can’t get up and move around. Basically it is a holographic home “robot” in the vein of Siri or Alexa. It’s basically a 3D cosplay character that says nice things to you and can be programmed to automate your home. It comes pre-installed with a character named Azuma Kikari.

Using hologram projection technology and a wide array of sensors, Gatebox is able to detect certain behaviors of its owner and communicate with them.

Gatebox Holographic Assistant


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