Has the first comet from another solar system been discovered?


The object named C / 2017 U1 PANSTARRS does not appear to have originated in our solar system, in the Oört , but outside it, in another system.

It is what his career suggests at least. If confirmed, then, we would be talking about the first time we identified an interstellar comet .

The first interstellar comet

Minor Planet astronomers have released a notice for follow-up observations C / 2017 U1 PANSTARRS which was first discovered on October 18, 2017 from the Panoramic Telescope and System response (Pan-STARRS) at the Haleakala Observatory in Hawaii.

The observations must be made fast, before it disappears, because the comet is on its way out of the Solar System .

The comet was about 30 million kilometers from Earth, and only 6 days of observations have been made . It traveled at a speed of 26 km / s, much faster than the escape velocity of the Solar System.