How many people have died from volcanoes?


On average, about 540 people a year are the victims of volcanic eruptions. Between 1500 and 2017, more than 278,000 people . These are the data from a study conducted by researchers at the University of Bristol

Volcanoes around the world

Published in the Journal of Applied Volcanology the study was based on existing and databases related to volcanic deaths.

One-tenth of the world's population lives within the footprint of volcanic hazards with more than 800 million people within 100 kilometers of active volcanoes.

Near volcanoes (within 5 kilometers) volcanic bombs the death registry

The causes of deaths : pyroclastic density currents, rapid hot rock avalanches, ash and gas are the dominant cause between 5 and 15 km away. Volcanic mud flows and ash rains are the main cause at greater .