How to choose the right mobile for my needs

Xiaomi already sells in Spain officially and its entry has been strong. Interest in their phones has increased significantly in the country and there are many who are now looking for information on phones that until recently were part of the circle geek . Phones bought by the most fans in this world and who went to importers or bought on specialized websites.

Today Xiaomi can be bought at street level, either on its website or in its stores, or through its official distributors. Large surfaces that will help the Chinese brand to continue growing. A brand that is, eye, the fourth in sales in our country since before they decided to arrive officially. And the question that many are asked is, what Xiaomi is right for me?

The Redmi line, for the less demanding

Among the phones that Xiaomi has brought to Spain we found nothing more and nothing less than four members of the Redmi range. In China they were for a time the Landmi and finely unified. What are the Redmi? We can consider them as the economic range of the eastern manufacturer although they raise the average in performance of what is expected for telephones of this price. Especially if we take into account that the Redmi 4A comes, pay attention to this, for 99 euros .

The Redmi are phones indicated for users little demanding in terms of performance . Snapdragon processors of line 400, except for Note 4, and have decent figures of both RAM and internal storage, establishing different levels when accessing them. From the Redmi 4A with 2/16 to the Redmi Note 4 with up to 4 / 64GB to serve the users.

The Redmi are designed for those who want everything but without first class demands. For tight budgets, there are options from 99 euros.

They are mobile with a more than good autonomy that must offer us between one and two days of activity without many problems. Social networks, mail, internet searches, messaging and some other game that is not too demanding. Because yes, the Redmi can execute any type of software but perhaps the speed and the fluidity is resented with the most demanding ones.

The main difference that we find between them has to do with the size . If we look for 5 inches we will go to normal phones, if we look for 5.5 inches we will go for the Note models. Ordered by we have the following list with its launch prices:

The Xiaomi Mi A1, the new Moto G that gives much for little

If we raise the bar a bit, and the budget, we run into the Xiaomi Mi A1 for 229 euros. It is probably the most balanced model in the Xiaomi catalog and has few defects. The main one does not have an NFC chip . If you feel you are dependent on mobile payments, you should discard this model. If this option gives you a little bit the same, maybe you are in front of the phone indicated for you.

The power goes up to the line of Qualcomm 600 and we get a phone equally powerful, fluid, with good autonomy, great construction and better camera dual with a portrait mode (stereo mode) that you have to see to believe. It has flaws, of course, and here we leave you the complete analysis of the phone so you can check them for yourself. But as a great we highlight that is a mobile with pure .

The Xiaomi Mi A1 offers almost everything for very little. The great mid-range we've been waiting for, sorry for the NFC.

Xiaomi's cape is not for everyone. MIUI is complicated to configure if you want everything to work as you want it to. It is powerful and offers many options and that is why it is not very simple. Here Android One plays an important role. Xiaomi teams up with Google and offers a phone as powerful as its Mi 5X but much simpler. And with a quality-price ratio hardly surpassable today .

The Xiaomi Mi Max 2, the king of autonomy

It is not at all small, we talk about a telephone of 6.4 inches of FullHD screen and with frames not very reduced. A phablet of those that are no longer talking, it is not strange to see these diagonals of a time to this part. But in its size is its greatest advantage. More diagonal implies more space inside the phone and that has resulted in a greater battery.

5,300 mAh internal battery with fast charge that make this Mi Max 2 ideal for those who start many hours of use to your phone. If you are all day with your mobile in hand, from playing to sending voice or text messages, if you spend your day on Twitter or if you use your phone for practically everything you do in the day, if you go to need autonomy. And the Mi Max 2 is going to give it to you too much.

Giant as its autonomy. An SUV that does not have NFC and that leaves us out of the double cameras. Now we have to assess what we need.

In exchange we have to sacrifice some elements such as comfort or ergonomics, and gain a large screen area. The Mi Max 2, in addition, has the same heart as the Mi A1 so we will not lack power even in the most demanding moments. Be careful, it does not have an NFC chip either. Xiaomi has not extended much the use of this accessory for connectivity and in the Mi Max 2 does not appear either. But as we said in the Mi A1, if you do not mind too much …

The Xiaomi Mi 6, the leader of the catalog

If when we talk about the kings of the Samsung catalog we think of the Galaxy S, or when we do the same with LG we go automatically towards the LG G, with Xiaomi we have to think about the Mi. Xiaomi, Mi, a number. This is the name of the flagships of the Chinese and the Xiaomi Mi 6 is the current king of the hen house . Because Mi Mix 2 is something else and we will talk about it before closing.

From Mi 6 we are aware that it has practically all the power that 2017 can bring to the android world. The Snapdragon 835, 6GB of RAM and 64GB that could have been 128GB. It has a pretty good 3,350 mAh battery and has from fingerprint reader to NFC chip. With the Mi 6 we will not miss anything although the reduction in the price of its competition makes its 449 euros are not as attractive as a few months ago.

The eldest brother of almost the entire catalog of Xiaomi, and twin of the Mi Note 3 and Mi Mix 2

But the jewel in the crown of this Xiaomi Mi 6 is undoubtedly his camera . A camera for practically all situations, with optical zoom so as not to distort and with a Portrait mode (again called stereo mode) that achieves incredible results. Xiaomi has been placed on its own merits in one of the best computer photographers of today, you just have to see the results.

The Xiaomi Mi 6 is not a cheap phone because it exceeds 400 euros but will give us practically everything what we look for with the exception that its 5.15-inch screen may be something small for some users, there is usually no consensus here. But if one seeks maximum power, durability and photographs at the highest level, the Mi 6 must be chosen within the Xiaomi catalog.

The Xiaomi Mi Mix 2, power with an extra design

 Mi Mix 2

We arrived at the last exponent of the sale of the Xiaomi catalog in Spain. A mobile that has practically all the benefits of the Mi 6 but provides an extra important . We are talking about the second generation of the mobile that changed the form factor of smartphones something that will be remembered in the future. The phone that "erased" the edges in exchange for some concessions, and that comes improved.

A telephone "without frames", understanding the concept as reduced frames and not as the absolute disappearance of them, and that certainly enters by the eyes. Attractive, striking and, as we said, with almost all the power of the Mi 6 for only 50 euros more . 499 euros costs at launch the Mi Mix 2 that offers, among other things, 6 inches of screen with QHD resolution.

Crystal, ceramic back, frames reduced to the minimum and the most powerful brain of this 2017, with the addition of 128GB of internal memory. Their defects? The camera is not up to the expectations and is surpassed by the Mi 6. So if you're looking for power and design but not premium photo quality first, the Mi Mix 2. If you want to photograph, the Mi 6. Although saying it is easier than deciding on one or the other model.

We trust that this description will help you choose which phone to buy now that Christmas is approaching , and especially the Black Friday that we assume will also affect Xiaomi's products. Less demanding phones like the Redmi, superior like the Mi with last names, catalog leaders like the Mi 6 and with a very high note in design like the Mi Mix. You choose. And if you have any further questions, ask in the comments, do not hesitate.

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