How to share my location in real time with any contact


Telegram has released a few new , among them is the possibility of sharing our location in real with those contacts or groups that we want. This feature is completely optional and can be applied for a limited time, so privacy is kept completely safe.

But Telegram is not a pioneer in this to the location in real time, WhatsApp 'play' with the possibility for some time (we are still waiting) and others such as Facebook Messenger, and have it integrated . Let's take a look at the applications that offer this functionality to see how to use it and what are the differences between them.

Facebook Messenger

The application of messaging that became independent of Facebook includes this possibility and to apply it is, besides simple, similar to the rest of applications that we will see next. In the conversation with one of our contacts or with a group of these, we will click on the last button located on the right side, the three horizontal points (on Android) or the + symbol on the bottom left in iOS.

Once we have pressed the option in any of the operating systems, a drop-down menu will open and here we will have to choose "location". As we see, Messenger does not give us the possibility to choose for how long we want to share the location and places it in 60 by default so to revert the option before this time, we will have to press on the option ' Stop sharing. '

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This application is one of the most complete when moving through a big city is, and is that Citymapper allows us to know with a single click the fastest route to reach our destination in different media of transport, like buses, metro and even walking or cycling.


 Cittymapper  <img alt=

In addition, Citymapper also allows sharing the location in real time, specifically share our path with a contact so that at all times we can find us. To do so we only have to start a trip and press the arrow button that we will find at the top next to the estimated time of travel and arrival. Once we click on it, we will be able to choose multiple options to share (WhatsApp, Telegram, email, messages …) and ready, you can know through an access link where we are without having installed the application.

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One of the biggest hits that Citymapper has is that, despite being a very complete application, it only allows us to run (for now) in Madrid or Barcelona . If we need to make use of a similar application, we have long been Glympse, born especially for sharing locations.

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Once we have downloaded the version that corresponds to us, we will choose the 'share location' option in our profile and in the menu we can add a message, choose destination and for how long we want to share it (up to a maximum of 12 hours) and as we have also seen with Citymapper, share in different paths through a link that anyone can follow regardless of whether or not the app is installed.

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The text messaging service integrated in iOS also offers this possibility, but remember that to use it, both sender and receiver must have an iPhone. In order to share our location in this service, we will go to the conversation with our contact and click on the information button located in the upper right.

Imessage [src] "

Inside it we will have the possibility to share 'Send my current location or' Share location '. We will select the second option and in this case we can decide for how long we want to share the location with this contact. The possibilities are for an hour, all day or indefinitely, as always, can be canceled by pressing 'Stop sharing'.

Google Maps

Google removed this option from its not-so-successful "social network" Google + and then reinstalled it in its successful mapping and geolocation application Google Maps. To do this first we will have to login with our Google account in the Google Maps application and access the menu by clicking on the three horizontal bars located in the upper left margin

 Google Maps

Once here, we will choose the 'Share Location' option in the menu and select the time (from a minimum of 15 minutes to a maximum of three days). We can share directly by mail to our Gmail contacts or create a link to copy and paste wherever we want.

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Finally we have Telegram, the messaging application that also has that function. To get it done we will have to open a conversation with a contact or group (with the channels it is not possible to send anything) and click on the icon of the clip next to the text bar in the lower left margin


Telegram "src ="”/>

In this menu we will have to choose 'Send my location for …' and select how long we want our contact to know where we are . The available options are 15 minutes, an hour or eight hours and like the rest, we can revert the option by pressing 'Stop sending location'.

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