It is identified that the effects of lack of sleep are similar to those of drinking

Lack of sleep has a severe on how the brain works, as if we were consuming alcohol according to a new study conducted by the David Geffen School of Medicine at the University of Los Angeles, California (United States) and the University of Tel Aviv (Israel).

Sleep deprivation

As explained Itzhak Fried leader of this study that has been published by the journal Nature Medicine :

We discovered that starving (from sleep) to the brain also deprives neurons of the ability to function properly. This paves the way for the cognitive lapses of how we perceive and react to the around us.

The scientists found that the more sleepy and tired the participants in the study were, the more difficult they found it to be a task entrusted and slower It was his execution. The neurons responded slowly and their transmissions were prolonged more than usual . Researchers compare the lack of sleep with excessive drinking, and suggest that more appropriate measures should be taken against driving while drowsy.

| david_17in