Klax – More than an Ax


Klax -

More than an Ax

Conquer the unforgiving wilderness with the clamp ax head multi-tool in your arsenal of equipment. When you’re not busy chopping down trees, the ax head can be utilized as a hammer, wrench, bottle opener, or as a self-defense weapon against aggressive forest elves.

Who’s it for?

The KLAX is great for all of these these activities

Hiking      Climbing      Camping      Bush Craft
Survival   Trucker       Prepper       Aviator
Auto Emergency Kit    Bug Out Bag


The KLAX is cut from a piece of 5/16″ thick steel plate (or titanium) with a water jet and then machined to add the side bevels, the caribiner pocket and the cutting edges on axe blade. The clamps are also cut from the same material and then drilled and tapped. After heat treating, the head and clamps are cleaned up and deburred. Adding a few more parts and a spring is all it takes to complete the KLAX.


The Versatile Light-Weight Multi-Tool Axe from Klecker Knives


Testing the Klax

KLAX Woodsman Test


The Four KLAX Models

KLAX-Lumberjack  Our high-end stainless steel model with the most features.  The first three models are all made from heat treated SUS420J2  stainless steel which is perfectly balanced for keeping an edge and maintaining strength.

KLAX – Woodsman   Our mid-level stainless steel model with just the more useful features.


KLAX – Feller  This is our more rustic model with just the basic features you need in the outdoors.

Ti-KLAX is a Titanium version of the KLAX – Lumberjack and comes with all the same features, but because it is made from more expensive Titanium, it weighs only half as much as the Feller and is stronger than steel.  The Ti-4452813 titanium is also anodized to provide some eye catching highlights.



Below are the traditional Curved Handle and the Basic Handle.


The Versatile Light-Weight Multi-Tool Axe from Klecker Knives


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