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Leatherman – Style CS Multi-Tool, Stainless Steel

Perform any random task the day throws at you with the greatest of ease using this Leatherman style multi-tool. This handy tool will fit comfortably in your pocket and features a multitude of tools including a , knife, and spring assisted scissors.

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The Leatherman Style CS is a handy Six-in-One tool that features a unique clip-on design. All of the tools that come in the Style CS ensure you will never be without your most necessary tools. Easily fits into your pocket or can clip on your bag for easy carrying. The Style CS from Leatherman is so stylish it would be a shame to hide it in your pocket. Features: Carabiner/Bottle Opener, Features: Stainless Steel Body, Glass-Filled Nylon Handle Scale and 25-year Warranty. Knife: Yes, Handle Scales: No, Pliers: No, Screwdriver: Yes, Bit Drivers: No, Bits Included: No, Wire Cutters: No, Crimper: No, Cutting Hook: No, Hammer: No, Saw: No, Scissors: Yes, File: Yes, Bottle Opener: Yes, Lanyard Ring: Yes, Removable Pocket Clip: No, Sheath Included: No, Weight: 1.4 Ounces, Closed Length: 2.9 Inches, Blade Length: 1.6 Inches, Model Year: 2015, Product ID: 263552, GTIN: 0037447573118

  • FEATURING 6 TOOLS: 420HC Knife, Spring-action Scissors, Flat/Phillips Screwdriver, Tweezers, Nail File, Carabiner/Bottle Opener.
  • OUTSIDE-ACCESSIBLE TOOLS: The Style CS features tools that are accessible while the tool is in its folded or closed position, mimicking the functionality of a pocket knife.
  • 420HC STAINLESS STEEL: An improved, high-carbon (HC) form of 420 stainless steel that works well with high production tooling. 420HC’s strength is optimized in Leatherman multi-tools by heat treatment.
  • KEY RING HOLE: The Style CS includes a strong loop for attaching a split ring or key ring, allowing you to keep the multi-tool handy at all times.

review sheet you guys to another product view this is the lib Korean style yes this is a really nice little multi-tool really like this I like all other men’s products for the facts they do offer a 25 year warranty all the reason I bought this is because it’s very lightweight it’s made out of a skeletonized aluminum and it also has a black fiberglass right here on the top the black part right they’re really nice it’s alright I like the way it’s confirmed in everything I really like the blade on it has a really nice played like the blade the fact is that it actually pulled from the outside and you don’t have to open the tool itself to actually get into the blade so that’s really nice she can get to that played pretty quick and has a really nice come forward you can actually hold the blade really well and you can actually cut whatever you need to cut its bubbles on one side as you can see the building just on one side like that and it’ll give you a more sharper blade on it that’s all very very sharp later really like it you could pretty much cut in cup of a nylon cordage open boxes any type of stuff you need I’m a small stick like that you can actually make another stick for your your your 10 you can actually get that done with this really nice it’s very useful blade the other cool thing it actually has on the other side it actually has a it has a really nice rough file on it really nice really rough files so you could use that for small type of falling and the other cool thing it actually has right there he actually has a so if you have anything smaller if you have to pry anything that would be perfect for a little prime bar for anything like that you won’t miss it up so far smaller tasks this will work really well if you’re camping hiking in a situation where you actually meet up a small night the reason I actually got this is just for the fact is that it does have a scissors and this is great for medical situations if you have it I like this to cause they are spring-loaded they’re very well constructed sisters they cut very very well and I like the decisions that actually have us a spring-loaded feature just for the fact is it actually shows that the justices or more high-quality I really like that as you can tell you that they’re very very very well-made I really like to dismiss a little small for an emergency situation or the other thing I was actually thinking these these two little sisters if you’re like hiking for a couple weeks out in the middle of nowhere these would actually work really good as also like for grooming cos it also does come with tweezers and I like the tweezers cause they’re very hidden in very out of the way they actually put him in the back right here so you can all you gotta do just pulling out premier just like I said just pull them and they come right out there very nice well maint tweezers they work really well I’ve actually takes I’ve taken splinters out of my fingers they work really well and I’ve also done some grooming with these trees are so this is really real well made tweezer so these are very good if you are in the back country and if you can’t get to an area where you know you need of medical you know you can use your little multi-tool internal war perfect for you so this is a really good little multi-tool I really like it the blade is made out of 420 high-carbon so it’s really nice constructed blade so it’s not get a break on it really nice I really like the blade like I said like I said guys are the reason I got this is because I like to carry light stuff I carry more than one knife I try to carry smaller stuff like this useful the fact is that I am amounts counter and I’m trying to pick my pack as much as I can and get this much as I can and trying to weigh it out it may be like 25 26 pounds at the most maybe twenty eight so I’m trying to find these very well made tools that give you your lifetime warranty you’re like letterman does they give you a twenty-five year and they work really well you know and and they they do what they are supposed to do so I really like this multi-tools really nice like they said very well made little tour and the other thing I like about this true also that it also has a carabiner on your so you can use put it on your pack and the other thing this doubles for as is you can actually use this is a bottle opener so that’s really nice did you can actually use the back in as a bottle opener so if you need a little bit of all you’re doing is putting in their pop it up and you got a little bottle opener too so this is a rolling nice a Leatherman style he s multi-tool this is really nice I really liked it but I’m gonna do next guys I’m actually gonna show you where you guys on my YouTube subscribers you guys can pick it up on Amazon this is a really nice multi to this motor choose very very affordable you can pick it up at 21:36 it doesn’t cost it pretty much nothing at all and you’re getting a 25 year warranty so it’s really well made and everything so you’re getting a really good night for a very good price but I’m gonna do right now guys I’m actually gonna show you this is actually everything that the consists of this is the although I’m pulling up although although bio on it so if you guys want to take a look at it and see exactly what it’s made out of all the different stuff that it talks about the fiberglass nylon handle and all that stuff you can read up on it I what I’ll do so you sleep it off from an elected you guys can actually see it what I’m gonna do next guys after that I’m actually gonna show you the pictures there you go there and show you all the different little features it actually has on it just like itself there’s a cutting fares the tool you can like I said you can use the decisions for different different ways there you go showing the bottle opener how actually works and then you go ahead actually using the carabiner hanging it up on your backpack or save you want to put on your keys you could do it anyway like that ok guys if you guys have any questions about this the little minced LCS multi-tool you guys on Amazon YouTube leaving messages in all that room as best as they can and for you guys on Amazon biceps on YouTube my subscribers I will leave the link in the description if you guys are interested in getting this product I will leave the link in the description guys and I’ll see you guys next video thank you very much

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