Limits and conditions of tariffs with unlimited calls


Beyond the convergent offers that operators usually flood us, unlimited calling rates are usually one of the destinations preferred by users looking to improve their rate, since in addition, they usually go accompanied by large volumes of data. An ideal combination for those who seek the tranquility of the "closed" price of an almost unlimited rate .

A review of the rates with unlimited minutes, in most cases you have to dive in small print to find out all the conditions that accompany the different rates and where we have found all kinds of limitations to guarantee their profitability or to avoid "abuses" of those who use these rates for purposes that go beyond the usual use of a telephone.

Although the conditions for talking about these types of rates are usually quite generous, to avoid unpleasant surprises that may occur if you do not know their true limits we will collect all the fine print that accompanies the rates with unlimited calls.

Limits we can find

Unlimited calls will include national fixed and mobile destinations (now also roaming the EU) but does not include calls to nine hundred additional rates or numbers with special tariffs such as 060. Taking into account this exception, we can also find the following limits that differ according to operator:

    Maximum monthly destinations . It is the most common limitation of this type of tariffs and refers to the maximum number of different numbers that we can call the month (not the number of calls). That is, if you call a number 50 times, only compute as a destination.

  • Maximum minutes per call . Each call will be limited to a maximum of free minutes so before exceeding that limit per call, it is convenient to hang up and call again to restart the minute counter and the call remains free.

  • Maximum monthly or daily minutes .

In addition, all unlimited calling rates have a reasonable usage conditions which indicate that their use is exclusive to personal purposes and private, must only use on mobile devices (expressly excludes use in exchange, sim-box, call centers or other elements of concentration of telephone traffic in which mass calls are made) must be used for conversations telephone and not for other uses such as, for example, the use of "baby monitor", "walkie talkie", multi-conference or similar.

So are the limits that each operator applies



] Lowi



120 destinations / month

400 minutes / day
ION mobile

60 minutes / day
Hits mobile

120 min / call



It emphasizes how in the last months, the marks of the group MÁSMOVIL have eliminated previous limitations like the 5,000 monthly minutes or the 60 minutes per call and 300 destinations that Yoigo applied. In prepayment we will also find proposals such as Lycamobile and Lebara, which have a limit of 5,000 minutes.

Full Comparison Tariffs with Unlimited Minutes

To know all the details of the tariffs with unlimited calls beyond the price or the included gigas, we leave you with the complete comparative where we highlight other peculiarities like the price for additional lines, availability of the cost of SMS free roaming limitations or more exclusive extras such as international calls included or the possibility of accumulate data not consumed among other services included

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