MásMóvil loses 151 million euros in the first half, but increases its revenues and customers


MásMóvil is already in the bag and although before it was already under the magnifying glass during its stage in the MAB, now are many more the eyes that are fixed in its accounts. After the presentations of the numbers of the big three, today the fourth operator has published accounts which reflect losses of 151 euros, attributed to adjustments of the ACS stake in the operator, which arrived to its shareholders through the purchase agreement of Yoigo.

This point is the only black spot in the results of MásMóvil. Other economic numbers have grown significantly, such as EBITDA (87% more than in the previous period) or service revenues, which grew 13%. All this is possible thanks to a large number of mainly on the side of fixed broadband connections, which is supported by fiber coverage reaching 7.5 million households

When we present the monthly portability data, we have already seen the strong progress of the MásMóvil group, both in and home connections. The total number of mobile customers in the group stood at 4.55 million, after growing by 182,000 contract lines in the first half of the year, while ADSL or fiber customers stood at 277,000 155,000 more than at the beginning of 2017.

Own fiber coverage grows 30%

MásMóvil's fixed broadband customer base began with the approximately 80,000 Pepephone ADSL customers. As of June 30, 73% of its customers continue to be connected through the old copper pair, by 25% already connected by fiber (18 points more than at the beginning of the year) and 2% which are connected via Wimax.

One of the most challenges for MásMóvil is to achieve greater migration to fiber connections, as it faces the threat of its ADSL customers being tempted by rivals that can provide fiber. To this end has accelerated the rate of deployment of own and shared fiber which already reaches 1.3 million households, 30% more than three months ago.

MoreMobile has accelerated the pace of fiber deployment itself and expects to reach 10 million homes by the end of the year

Its total coverage reaches 7.5 million homes, thanks to the agreement with Orange that allows it to reach 6.2 million homes in different provinces. The forecast is that by the end of the year can reach 10 million households by the continuation of the own deployment and the extension of the agreement with Orange. Now, on the mobile coverage have not mentioned any data, so we imagine that there has been no progress in this matter.




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