Microsoft already warms up engines to make the Mixed Reality enter our homes this Christmas

Christmas arrives, a period in which purchases dominate our day to day. A time of year that also sees in a few days an anteroom on the occasion of Black Friday. And this year it seems that along with tablets and laptops, at Microsoft also want to have the Mixed as a product to reach customers .

Microsoft wants consumers to know about the existence of his proposals to make the Mixed Reality cale this Christmas and for this they have put the batteries and have begun to design a campaign that seeks to convince prospective buyers to get hold of one of the RV glasses that There is in the . A campaign that joins the appearance of a specific section in the Store that we saw a few days ago.

And to begin with they already have a short ad, which for 15 seconds hints at the possibilities of this type of gedgets specifically and in this case of a Lenovo Mixed Reality glasses.

The video focuses on teaching briefly, almost as if a teaser it will be, what can be the possibilities of this type of products for leisure or work . It is a kind of foretaste of what could be a new campaign to be seen later.

In markets where Mixed Reality glasses can be found right now (in Spain they are not yet available), ] it is already possible to get hold of them and maybe even in the future they will be tested in a Microsoft Store, something that they are already prompting us since the announcement.

Right now in the market there is up to a total of five different devices namely Lenovo Explorer Windows Mixed Reality Headset, Acer Windows Mixed Reality, HP Windows Mixed Reality Headset, Samsung HMD Odyssey Windows Mixed Reality Headset and Dell Windows Mixed Reality Headset, with prices ranging from 399 and $ 499.

Source | MSPowerUser
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