Microsoft Edge breaks the limitations and opens the beta test on iOS for all users


We have talked on several occasions about the need to diversify the platforms in which the different applications work to achieve greater expansion. Of that they know a lot in and also in Microsoft, companies that do not hesitate to take to the competition their star applications to attract .

And in the case of Microsoft the last step has been taken by taking your browser, Microsoft Edge, to the ecosystems of and . A step taken one day ago and for which used the use of the betas system . In Android that is possible, even in Google Play there is a section of betas to test applications but in iOS … in iOS is another story.

Due to restrictions in the Apple App Store for beta applications, the use of Edge Beta was limited . A fact that has changed when from Microsoft have made it possible for anyone to sign up to test Edge on iOS (offers version for iPhone, but not for iPad).

A version that although offers a similar appearance in all the platforms differs in other aspects. In iOS for the engine it uses, because while in iOS is based on the engine WebKit (Apple imposes that need) on Android is based on Chromium.

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Otherwise the application offers an interface that reminds us quite a lot of the one of its available desktop version in . It emphasizes the use of aesthetic care, with clear tones and clean backgrounds, without unnecessary additions that recharge the interface. And with access to the same functions as in the Windows version.

If you are interested in signing up for the beta of Edge, you can do so by entering the link enabled for that purpose by Microsoft and filling in the requested data. The only limitation for now is that Edge is only available in English although it is expected that Microsoft will enable more languages ​​over time.

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