Microsoft may have been responsible for the first phone without frames and the Lumia 435 its banner


Bezel-less. The fashion concept of the so-called phones without frames and we say badly because frames really exist, only very stylized. Manufacturers are targeting fashion and all or almost all have in their catalog with a phone of this guise. A trend that began Sharp (amazing their line Aquos) or Xiaomi but that might not have been so.

And how would you stay if it had been Microsoft that had the privilege of being the first to have a phone of this type? It is an option that was not as far as it seems . A possibility that now seems very far away with Phone unproven even from the itself.

The protagonist of the story may have been the Lumia 435 or at least that suggests a prototype that have access to the Windows Central partners.

A Lumia 435 that after passing as a project "Vela", ended up being a that had nothing to do with what initially was studied and that resulted in a screen without hardly frames in three of the sides. A model that had specifications that placed it in the midrange and which included a 720p HD screen, a Snapdragon 200 processor, 4GB of and a 5 megapixel rear camera.

A phone that at the end abandoned a design that could have been (remember that it was the year 2014) and that could have made Microsoft the first company to offer a terminal of this type. Who knows what could be the current situation of Windows Phone to have taken this road.

Source | Windows Central
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