Movistar is the only operator with a network that improves, MásMóvil continues to lead

In September we saw how the return to work and the studies of many did not help the big operators at all, and that the convergent offers with televised football should boost their profits. Grupo MásMóvil reached a ceiling, approaching 60,000 lines won in a single month. And in October the truth is that there have been changes, but none of the operators with changes side of the table.

Only Movistar has been able to improve from one month to another, noting its best since May without leaving Red numbers. The MásMóvil Group has slightly relaxed its pick-up pace, but it continues in numbers that its rivals would like most, especially Orange. The French brand does not know ground and what is worse, Jazztel reports a negative for the first time . Let us know the data in depth.

Movistar takes off from its classic rivals

Movistar is usually the network operator that loses the most customers through portability (it is also the most extensive portfolio) but in 2017 it has managed to correct this trend, although it has had its bad months. Since it launched new economic Mergers and incorporated a second line to all its convergent packages, its data has improved, until getting the longest distance of the year with respect to Vodafone and Orange . It still loses 7,600 lines, collecting in that data 950 lines added to Tuenti.

Grupo MásMóvil has loosened somewhat the rate of , but keeps scoring its second best historical data, winning 54,400 lines. The best news for them is that their brand strategy is working : the same MásMóvil leads the catchment with 24,000 lines, closely followed by Yoigo with 20,600 and the smallest Pepephone and LlamaYa adding 6,000 and 3,800 lines respectively . It seems that the competition can not stop them.

Returning to the negative side of the table, we have to talk about Vodafone and Orange, whose second marks do not prevent their data from getting worse . Simyo has the best performance (8,000 lines won), closely followed by Lowi (7,500), but the curious and worrying thing is that Jazztel loses customers for the first time in years. There are only 500, but it seems to be the reason behind the repositioning of the brand. Vodafone as a group yielded a result of 27,000 lines less and Orange of 30,500.

DigiMobil continues to lead the OMVs, Euskaltel takes a breath

On the virtual side we continue to see a brand that stands out, DigiMobil, which recently started to offer 4G to its customers. Stresses the improvement of Euskaltel that of slight losses has happened to gain 2,000 clients but its Galician brand R is still in the red, 3,300 specifically. The tail car is completed by traditional actors, supermarket operators and oriented to foreign residents.

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