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New beats in stylish life

Audiophiles and lovers of booming bass alike often ask me what I think about Beats by Dr. Dre headphones, assuming I’ll somehow slam the company. But I’m actually a fan of what Beats has accomplished—in 2008, virtually no one was paying money for headphones (except for audiophiles). Beats more or less eliminated that complacency for dismal sound—true, it was achieved by making bass-heavy headphones a fashion statement seen on celebrities and athletes alike, but it was still a marked improvement over the status quo.

The Solo2 has arrived. Beats’ most popular headphone has been redesigned from the inside out. With updated and improved acoustics, the Solo2 lets you feel your music with a wider range of sound and enhanced clarity. Streamlined, lightweight, and durable, this compact headphone is more comfortable than ever. Take your music with you wherever you go, with the Solo2.

The only negatives I could find with these new Solo’s is that they are quite a tight fit out of the box, but I’m sure that they will start to loosen up with a few weeks with a decent amount of wear time, and the other one is that they still come with the same carry case that the old solo’s also came packaged with which don’t really offer much protection since it’s not a hard shell case, they do however have very nice padding on the inside so to not to scratch the headset, the other negative is that they don’t offer a matte finish version which I would very much prefer over the glossy finish which makes the headset a finger print magnet.

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