Now we can buy the message from Voyager to listen to it from home

The polyglot sent with the Voyager probes for beings from other worlds will go on sale at the end of 2017 in a special edition. So all the Earthlings who want it we can have the famous Disco Dorado in our own house.


Carl Sagan departed "from the only language we with the recipients, science", and composed a message with drawings of a naked man and woman, diagrams of the solar system and the trajectory of the Pioneer; and a map of 14 pulsars with the position of the Earth in the Milky Way, accompanied by a diagram of the hydrogen molecule with the key of the code necessary to decipher it.

Last year, the track list of the tapes The original Disco was released in the United States in a batch of three vinyl LPs thanks to the million raised by crowdfunding. Its good reception has decided to Ozma Records to launch a second more luxurious edition for this Christmas. The chest, which includes an illustrated book, sells for 98 dollars (about 83 euros) .

One of those responsible for the reissue of the Golden Disc, David Pescovitz admits which is a "gift of humanity to itself."