Now you can try Firefox Quantum, Firefox faster and with the new Photon interface


In Mozilla they want to make it very clear that Firefox is getting faster and faster . Not for nothing every time we talk about a new release we say again that this is the fastest Firefox. And it is.

This time we are invited to fire our engines because Firefox Quantum has landed in Beta and Developer Edition . Firefox 57 is already just one step away from becoming stable thanks to the new engine that has given it its name.

If you've been testing the alpha version of Firefox you've already encountered these changes and improvements, but now that they are raising another level in the development tree, you can enjoy them in a more stable version of the browser.

The focus has been completely on making Firefox a very fast browser, as in its beginnings, and to test the success they have had with the Quantum Project and with Servo technology, Firefox 57, also known as Firefox Quantum, is twice as fast as it was the browser last year .





If you want to see how Firefox Quantum behaves compared to Chrome, here's the video that seems to show that the Mozilla browser is actually flying like a rocket .

Multiprocess is the main cause of the effectiveness of the new Firefox, in addition to the new CSS engine written in Rust the programming language that Mozilla mainly promoted. This makes the browser consume less RAM and is faster than Chrome.

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And, since it is not enough to offer a good performance, it is also important for the user to feel that he is using a well thought out product. Here is Photon, the new Firefox design to give a facelift to your interface.

Photon makes Firefox cleaner, more minimalist with much smoother and nicer animations, plus a couple of new features like bookmark shortcuts, Pocket saved items, downloads, screenshots , etc.

You just have to download the beta for Windows desktop, Linux and macOS or Firefox Developer if you are a developer, you will find new tools. You can also try the beta for Android or the beta for iOS.

Via | The Mozilla Blog
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