Phone Destroyer, battles to the 'Clash Royale' and to the rhythm of coarse language

Talk about Ubisoft is to do it of one of the great video game developers of today. It's talking about the creator and promoter of Assassin's Creed, Far Cry, Watch Dogs or Rainbox Six. But also of Just Dance or the hilarious Rabbids or Rayman. The latter with several feet resting on the ground. where we find the saga of South Park .

Stranded, violent, politically incorrect and, of course, acid and hilarious. So are the guys from South Park and all its cast of supporting characters, and other more protagonists, who now land on your mobile, be it iOS or , with the new South Park: Phone Destroyer . A title designed to attack Supercell where it hurts most and, why not, offer us not a few hours of fun and blood.

Cowboys vs. Indians

The approach of this Phone Destroyer is quite simple at the same fun. Cartman, Kyle, Stan and company are going to organize a Cowboys vs. Indians battle something that we all have played at some time in our childhood but that here becomes something more violent. Located in bands, and with Stan de las Many Lunas leading the Indians, the boys take to the streets to fight to the death.

With you leading the side of the cowboys, Phone Destroyer is constituted in a luck of Clash Royale in horizontal and slightly isometric format . In the design of his plans we see a bit of Double Dragon with the caveat that here are not two against the world. At your disposal you have all your deck of cards full of specialists.

 South Park Phone Destroyer

We have "tank" characters, like Cartman, who attack melee and are very resistant. A murderers like Bandida Sally, whose fierceness is as big as weak their vitality bar or archers like Kyle, who attack from a distance, guarding themselves from battle and throwing from Molotov cocktails to everything they have to

The objective is none other than to advance enough to to beat Stan from the Many Moons although we will not fight against him but against the fighter he chooses for each level finish. Like the Inuit Kenny, who "technically is a Native American" and has the power to kill everyone who kills him. And when he dies, he will die under your siege, he will have his famous phrase. You killed Kenny! More the other.

Manage your resources and times well

 South Park Phone Destroyer

As in Clash Royale, in Phone Destroyer we will have a time bar that will be offering points to spend. Putting each card into circulation will cost us a series of specific points and we will have to manage them to place more and more cowboys on the stage. The management of resources is important because the victory will depend on an increasingly delicate balance of forces.

A tank, a murderer, a pair of fighters at a distance and your character after all of them attacking right and left. With the passage of the missions we will win new cards that add to our deck thanks to the envelope that will be delivered to us every day, although we can also buy them with money from the game and with real money. No one escapes in-app purchases to progress more quickly, not even you, cowboy.

Dude, have you really brought your mother to play? Cartman said when Stan invoked Sharon

Of course, each new level will be more difficult than the previous one, we will fight against better organized Indians and we will face a final boss who will not sell his skin cheaply. Like Jimmy the storyteller, or Token the Shaman . "Damn it, Token, I thought you were on our team," a desperate Cartman shouts before releasing his magic. Or as Stan's mother.

Because, tank characters have magic . When they have loaded their bar we can activate it and they will start firing in all directions doing much more damage than usual, although only for a few seconds. This Phone Destroyer is quite funny although its originality is only in the scripts themselves and in discovering what enemy is waiting for you at the end of each piece of street.

Free with in-app purchases

 South Park Phone Destroyer The ticket offices, the place where you collect the three prizes that get after each victory

Customize your character from 0 or choose one of the random customizations you can get by pressing a single button, take it in diapers or go buying clothes, which you will also get at the box office at the end of each victory , and throw yourself to fight alongside Cartman and the others. A fun title that sins a bit repetitive, nothing that we have not seen in other titles that succeed.

Because the secret here is in know how to manage your deck of cards and if Ubisoft is ready there will be game for a while. For a long time. In addition to the characters themselves we will also have purely evil cards, like the fire bomb or like the rats. Letters to throw to the stage and that cause as much damage as possible, either in a timely manner or as temporary allies condemned to die.

 South Park Phone Destroyer Sharon, one of the secret weapons of Stan de las Many Lunas

As we see, the mechanics of Phone Destroyer is already by almost all known. We can face a serious competitor of a Clash Royale that always occupies the top positions in downloads, income and active players. It will be interesting to see the fight between both titles if Ubisoft manages it intelligently. By the way, will not miss the fighting online 1vs1 .

South Park: Phone Destroyer has been released for both iOS and Android and on both platforms is a free game with optional purchases inside. A few months ago a "soft launch" was made but you already have it available to download and start playing. A for them, mobile guy, for Stan of the Many Moons. Timmy!

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