Probiotic molecules are more accurately detected in the center of the galaxy


Around the giant molecular Sagittarius B2 astronomers have detected probiotic molecules thanks to the Shanghai Tianma 65m Radio Telescope (TMRT).

Sagittarius B2 is a giant molecular cloud of gas and dust with a mass of approximately three million solar masses extending over 150 .

The center of the galaxy

Sagittarius B2 is about 390 light years from the of the Milky Way and about 25,000 light years away from Earth and contains several types of complex molecules including alcohols such as ethanol and methanol .

Now, Juan Li from the Shanghai Astronomical Observatory, has accurately detected the emission concentration of glycolaldehyde (CH 2 OHCHO) and ethylene glycol (HOCH 2 CH 2 OH), also determining the spatial distribution of these molecules. Glycolaldehyde is a sugar-related molecule that can react with propenal to form ribose, a central component of RNA. Ethylene glycol is a dialcohol, a molecule chemically related to ethanol. According to the study author concluded:


observations of methyl formate are expected to investigate whether energy processes also play a role in the production of complex organic molecules in the galactic center.