sales in the UK improve the most optimistic forecasts

No doubt the new Xbox One X is one of the releases of the year . The companions in Engadget have made an exclusive and exhaustive analysis of it and the owners of one of them have already begun to enjoy their full (of which has uncovered so far) and that despite the threat of failures that are suffering some users in their consoles, hangs as a dark threat.

The fact is that if we ignore that brown that Microsoft will have to solve, things seem to go fable to the American with its new machine. And for that, nothing better than pulling numbers, figures that show that the Xbox One X despite its 499 euros, has been well in the public .

Just look at the data they have facilitated from GamesIndustry that refer to the sales success of the Xbox One X, which has achieved eighty thousand units sold during the first week that has been commercialized in the United Kingdom.

499 euros does not seem to be a problem

Is it a lot? Is it little? How comparisons are odious and to give a sample of good health at the start of their journey to mention that in the same period the PlayStation 4 Pro reached fifty thousand units while the most recent, the Nintendo Switch,

Of all the received models, it has been the special release version, the one that carries the screenprint Project Scorpio, which has achieved the greatest success . A console and sales that have also served to boost the sales of games such as Forza Motorsport 7, Assassin's Creed Origins, FIFA 18 or Forza Horizon 3

A success that has put Redmond on alert so as not to there is a shortage of consoles . A fact that they do not seem to be able to achieve, because in shops there may be a lack of units. This is the case of El Corte Inglés in my city, they have only received one console from all the units they expected … and it was with reservation.

The certain thing is that Christmas paints very well for Microsoft with his new video game console and it remains to be seen if the sudden death problems are not an obstacle for him to finally occupy the first position in the consolero throne.

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