Seven applications that help us take care of the environment


Caring for and protecting the environment has become a pending subject for humans. We have been projecting on the planet the consequences (good and bad) of our development, and part of that development is reflected in new technologies, among which is the mobile phone.

In 10 years we have produced 7.1 billion mobile phones, production that logically has had a great ecological impact due to low percentage of electronic waste that is recycled . But the mobile phone can also be a tool that helps us care for the planet and become aware of what we are doing, so we will see different applications created for those who want to contribute their bit and contribute to the Earth being a cleaner place.


One of the main ecological problems we currently have is the excess waste and to mitigate its growth, we have to recycle. But sometimes questions arise about which elements can be recycled or not, something we can know with a single click thanks to iRecycle, an app that has a catalog of up to 300 types of materials and confirms us whether or not they are recyclable.

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GoGreen: Carbon Tracker

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The CO2 footprint is the measure by which we can calculate the impact of our daily activities on the environment. This application monitors our daily activity to know if we can improve our habits of energy consumption, and thus be more respectful of the environment.

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Continuing with consumer habits, we now turn to shopping. GoodGuide is an application that includes a database with more than 210,000 products (clothing, cosmetics, children's products) and that just by scanning a product with the camera of the mobile phone, it offers us information about the environmental damage caused by its manufacture on a scale from 0 to 10.

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Light pollution is to blame for the fact that we have completely forgotten about how the stars look in the night sky. Loss of the Night is an application that thanks to the contribution of its users, indicates the visibility of the stars at each point in order to raise awareness of this terrible phenomenon.

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Noise Pollution Monitor

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We have seen that light pollution is a problem in large cities and so is noise pollution . With this application we can know the level of contamination of this type in the area where we are, and as we saw in other cases, to be able to decide whether or not to continue to contribute to it.

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The latest application we want to present is created by a team of Spanish university students, and encourages the acquisition of sustainable habits such as recycling or using the bike through the incentive. This incentive is Ligths, a virtual currency that is acquired each time we perform one of these actions (or share them in social networks) and that can be exchanged for different products and services. Light is still in the testing phase, but they are about to launch the first beta and we can sign up to try it.

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