Skype Professional Account is the bet of Microsoft to conquer the professional before the threat of WhatsApp

A while ago we talked about Skype and how it was updated in the UWP (Universal Application) version with the arrival of add-ons that sought to improve the user experience . An attempt to stand up to other alternatives such as WhatsApp that we already see as he has turned his gaze to the business sector.

And in Microsoft that have always pampered this market niche, they do not want to let it go and that it falls into the hands of others. Applications. For this reason, it is essential to have an appropriate communication application and for that purpose have announced the release of Skype Professional Account a version of Skype aimed at small business owners.

Due to the tasks that must be carried out by any professional in their day to day, Skype Professional Account wants to facilitate the way in which they execute them to get their business afloat. Meetings, calls, agenda, contacts, payments … everything can now be unified .

Think, for example, of managing email with Outlook, as well as the contact list, the use of PayPal for payments or the creation of pending tasks in OneNote. All these tasks can be done with a single application thanks to the new Microsoft Skype professional account will allow these users to perform all these tasks from a single application .

Skype Professional Account is the alternative and will use a desktop client that will allow business owners and professionals to group their tasks facilitating their work. They will be the ones who have access to this professional Skype account, including the desktop client, while their clients will not notice the change in the management of the company.

Skype Professional Account will reach selected users and to participate is It is necessary to fill in a form . Microsoft will launch the Skype Professional Account desktop client first in the United States and then reach other markets.

Source | Skype Blog
Form | Skype Professional Account
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