Small Credit Card Sized Toolkit

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This pocket size toolkit is as thin as a credit card so it can easily fit in your wallet. Aside from being as thin as a credit card, this toolkit includes a , compass, magnification lens, tweezers, screwdriver, bottle opener, and a toothpick!


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The Credit Card Companion is so light and slim that you’ll barely know you have it, yet when needed you’ll find it’s amazingly useful. The 2″ stainless blade is razor sharp and serrated to cut through even the toughest materials with ease. It also features a combination can/bottle opener, awl, 8x power lens and compass, tweezers and toothpick, small/large screwdriver plus inch and cm rulers on the back. At just 1.3 oz, it packs effortlessly for travel both on and off-road. Solid black ABS.

  • Ultra-compact multi-tool in shape of credit card
  • Just 2.125″ thick and 3.375″ long, weighing only 1.4 ounces
  • Made from durable ABS plastic
  • Please remove the knife from the tool for compass to work as the metal can interfere with the compass.
  • Credit card holder with (9) essential tools for every day jobs
  • 2-inch serrated edge steel blade cuts through tough materials with ease
  • Removable blade, tweezers, toothpick and opener. Please remove the knife from the tool for compass to work as the metal can interfere with the compass.

myself this to logic credit card convenient with lens and compass hey it’s nine tools and one and i thought it would be worth checking out comes in this blister pack so i’m going to go ahead and as you can see kind of heat trunk all the way around so i’m going to go ahead and spend the next hour and-a-half opening the sucker up and we’ll be back when i get out alright so got it open here are two logica credit card convenient tool i think to logic also makes a number of knives and they’re pretty cool they’re actually kind of these multifunction I don’t have any i want to say than thirty forty fifty dollar range but they come with them fire starters on let’s check those out too because it’s just kind of cool to have magnesium with a knife but here it is I you know it is credit card-sized it’s obviously going to be a quite a bit thicker than a credit card but it’s not too terribly think you could certainly carry this around and the fact that it has kind of a bunch of stuff in it is what makes it useful so the first big thing here is everything kind of slides the car works is like a sheath is a night here so you have this aerated two-inch steel blade should cut through stuff pretty easily yeah don’t know that I have a lot but try this so the separation but those kind of slice your paper pretty easily so that’s kinda nice the the interesting thing is there’s no way to mount this back in the the the card so you have to use it as as it presents itself I’m supposedly those kind of little loop here which is not sharp you put your finger in to kind of get leverage and hold it up here so it kind of works more like a little bit of a finger blade then in a full-on knife obviously because this is plastic you would want to just mountain here without some sort of like full tank or something to give you leverage because it was pregnant pop out but you know pretty sharp Syria blade here the have a little hole here so you can grip it if our kind of using it to choppers arm but kinda cool so it’s right back in here and I like that kind of clicks into place you don’t have to worry about a falling-out ruler here centimeters that’s all it has is just the centimeters metric goes up to six centimeters looks like a little hole there for a lanyard there is also a compass and a magnifying glass here so you can see that you know works this is probably your probably the survival situation are not going to have a budget need to read something but you can focus light and suppose we can get a nice bright sunny day you could use it to as a firestarter you know I probably prefer to be a little bigger to take up kind of a very small pencil you know maybe it’s bigger than a pencil but it’s smaller than a dime sized lens to create fires and kind of ideal you want to concentrate as much light as possible but it does work the there is a compass right there and which it looks like it’s floating pretty freely and just trying to see if it’s pointing north it generally is I think see that is North let’s eat with rotates you know it’s interesting here is the compass does seem to be floating pretty freely but it seems to be a little bit of a little bit heavy of one side for some reason so you have to kind of gingerly move it around to get it to kind of do it’s free float so I’m not real sure what the issue is there like a lot of these smaller compasses whether they’re on paracord bracelets whatnot and I don’t know that I trust my life to him but it’s certainly better to have something in a pinch in soil situation than nothing like I said it really get it to reorient but so keep that in mind the compass on these is kind of typical compass again peace here America sure what it is we’ll pull it out oh look at that if you’re familiar with these types of can openers they know you put it under the lip I don’t really have any hands here but we’ve got this stuff slanter and if this we can you put it under the lip here like that and then you punch into the top of the the can and kind of work it all the way around I’ve used these they’re all they come in a little emergency sighs kind of like 10 or steel so the pretty useful especially because carrying a big can opener is not very practical in the camping hiking survival situation and you will probably often have a lot of canned food so that’s kind of cool there is a least a couple of other tools on here and of all out almost little bit of a larger bit like that and then a much smaller one so just flatheads no big deal coming nice and again when you put it in steps in their very securely the last two things here are super right here they look like they are like a Swiss Army tools charming as they pull out the ends a pair tweezers and these look like they should be pretty accurate the ends match up pretty nicely good spring spring on and slides in there and the cool thing about this is it slides in well how about that um I don’t know that I put in perfectly correctly but I just popped off the plastic head now like I said this wasn’t given to me as a test evaluation i actually bought it so I’m a little disappointed that the little polymer piece because now without another tool I don’t think I’m gonna be able to get that sucker out so I’m you know if you’ve got something else you can kind of pride out but now without the little plastic are polymer head on there i’m not going to get it out with my finger then there’s another tool right here will get this sucker out and they’re in there tight and i was saying is I was pressing in you don’t have to worry about losing them but because there they go on their type in a and a toothpick these can be a lot more useful than you think especially in another camping hiking situation where maybe you don’t have perfect resources choice brush your teeth can get the big stuff is at least a good start it’s all polymer and it’s just in there like this and it’s that fits in there snuggling I wouldn’t worry about it falling out but now I’d worry about this one not ever coming out they actually have a good chance i’m gonna push on it a little bit to see if the the whole that this goes into is just the length of the tool itself or you’re gonna lose it all the way in there so it looks like the channel that these tweezers would fit into is actually deeper than the tweezers themselves so now that I’ve lost the top the end of the stop on the top of the tweezers they could get pushed all the way in and now I always never be able to get out so I probably wouldn’t bet the you know if you’re getting for these two tools and I probably wouldn’t do that but certainly if you just want the knife and the can opener and the screwdriver and things like that a good way to carry all that around easy way to put it in that the a pocket of a backpack or your glove box or just in your own pockets you’re out on a hike it’s not very heavy pretty lightweight lot of good stuff on here oh there’s the interest sorry about that so you’ve got a three inch ruler on the top on the the top and so pretty cool little little device I let me tell you i paid around 12 13 bucks for it so you get a lot for but just understand plastic polymer words outbreaks i did it in the first 10 minutes of building Peter panda the to logic credit card convenient tool out

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