So you can configure a proxy connection in Windows 10 to navigate more securely over the network


Today one of the biggest concerns of users is the one that refers to the and privacy in their equipment. Two aspects that become vital when we talk about navigation on the the user can choose a series of means to ensure that they achieve or at least facilitate the achievement of that goal.

And one of these means is that which refers to the use of a proxy server when browsing the network. It is a formula that offers advantages for the user either individual or company and whose management in our team is extremely simple with just a few steps.

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But first of all we should do a little review and for that we will delimit the concept of proxy for all those who come new to this world. A proxy server is a located halfway between the client terminal and the server to which its connections are routed.

The proxy is placed between both the client and the server so that the latter does not know what the client's movements are. This transmits all the orders and the proxy receives the access requests that camouflages conveniently. This is what seeks to eliminate the direct connection between the browser and the server when managing the data through an intermediate proxy. It is camouflaged thus a data relative to your identity, the most important: your IP address.


This way we can access web pages with regional block or avoid cookies or scripts which makes our navigation gain in privacy. It remains to determine which proxy to trust and is that not all "monte is oregano" and not all options are equally reliable. Note that this intermediate server will have access to sensitive data from your browsing sessions so it is interesting to look for a proxy that operates under a brand.

Configuring Proxy in Windows 10

We have already decided which is the proxy that we are going to use and we have the fundamental step: to prepare our team. And for that, nothing easier than following a logical process within the reach of any user .

Once we are inside our computer with 10 (the process has been carried out with a version of Windows 10) the first step is to go to "Configuration" for which we go down to the zone left of the start menu on the sprocket.


Once in "Configuration" we must click on the option "19459004]" Network and Internet ".


Then click on "Proxy" in the left side menu and this way we access the configuration of these services.


Once inside we must select the option "Enabled" and under it we write the IP address of the proxy that we are going to use and its port, after which we can only click on "Save".


As a note we can establish a series of web pages that will not make use of that proxy navigation .


Navigation with proxies is a safe option, but not the one that offers better results. And it is that if you want a security plus, the most interesting thing is to opt for a Virtual Private Network (VPN) which in addition to hiding the IP allows to encrypt all the traffic that we generate.