Sony prepares a mid-range six-inch smartphone to open 2018

We have not heard about Sony or any future project for a long time. The decision to reduce its catalog of smartphones, focusing on developing medium and high ranges, returned them to black numbers, leaving behind the losses, at least until now. But that decision also removed them from many covers. However, here is the Japanese giant back and does it through GFXBench.

The phone we have now in our hands is known as Sony H3213 Avenger a member of The Avengers that does not have an official superhero name yet. A phone that, due to its filtered specifications, seems to come straight to the mid-range and even shares characteristics with past generations that are not unknown. And given the date on which this leak occurs, we could be facing the first phone of the Japanese to open 2018.

The Sony Avenger

The new phone in question, this H3213 Avenger that we know through GFXBench, it leaves us some clues as to how it will be when it is finally presented. To begin we already know that your screen will be 6 inches and you will enjoy a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels which not only indicates its density of 367 pixels per inch but also its ratio. We are talking about a phone with a 16: 9 screen.

For the processor there are doubts because we have an eight-core 2.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon that has an Adreno 508 GPU, a graph shared by both the Snapdragon 630 as the new Snapdragon 636, and even the Snapdragon 660 that would raise the stakes much in terms of the power of a phone that would have, in addition, 4GB of RAM and 32GB of internal memory .

GFXBench has also uncovered the cameras, their hardware. A rear sensor of 21 megapixels capable of recording 4K video, with autofocus and LED flash support, as well as being able to photograph with native HDR. And for the front, a dual camera. 16 and 8 megapixels with capacity to record 4K video and perhaps with selective blur mode, although it will be Sony who has to take us out of doubt during his presentation.

Nothing more and nothing less we know about this future Sony H3213 Avenger that, as we mentioned before, could be the one chosen to open the year 2018. Maybe during the CES of Las Vegas, maybe later during the MWC of Barcelona. But given that its characteristics would correspond to those of a phone of the Ultra line, perhaps the Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra we should not have it between us until May.

We hope that this appearance in GFXBench will bring some that another escape of direct information from the factories of Sony, or from their offices. So we can anticipate the arrival of this new phone that we expect for its mid-range. Will there be design change? Sony already said that it was posed to leave behind the omnibalance that had nurtured its catalog for years but it seems early, and the 16: 9 screen does not invite to think of an Avenger without frames.

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