Sony will leave behind its classic design in its next smartphones


When we think of Sony's division one word inevitably floods our head and no, it's not 'frames' (though also) but 'continuismo' . And it is that the Japanese giant has been characterized by going against the current, to set aside the current trend of curved and smoothed lines to make their phones full of edges easily recognizable pieces.

Not just a month ago, during the last edition of IFA, we interviewed Hideyuki Furumi, Executive Vice President of Sony Mobile and when we asked about this reiteration in the after presenting the new XZ1 and XZ1 Compact, was sharp at say that Sony would continue in that line, although they were looking at different options for 2018, something that coincides with the last statements of the company's managing director, Kenichiro Hibi.

Farewell to frames and straight lines?

And Sony could back down on this to keep the line of their phones, or at least that has dropped one of its representatives. The news comes from a recent interview by The Indian Express to Kenichiro Hibi. When the medium put the theme of continuity on its Omnibalance design back on the table and asked if they would be open to possible future changes, Hibi let us fall that some changes are very close.

And is that according to Hibi, this design has been maintained in the X series and will continue to be so long as there remain heirs of it. However, Hibi also claims that the plans to a new of products in which the design will be completely different from what they have done so far.

Following these statements, it seems that Sony intends to stop bringing flagship world flags with a screen ratio below 70% something we are likely to see in the next edition of the MWC, although that yes, Omnibalance fans will still be able to enjoy their angles in the X series.

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