Swiftkey wants to get rid of boring keyboards and now lets you customize backgrounds with your photos

If we talk about productivity, one of the key aspects if we use phones or tablets is
 the one that refers to the keyboard. Having a good keyboard is fundamental and although the manufacturers (Google, Apple, Microsoft, Samsung …) increasingly offer more refined keyboards it is not less true that there are few who choose to resort to a third-party keyboard.

In this regard Swiftkey has been one of the preferred by many users . A keyboard that in 2016 happened to be included within Microsoft since those of Redmond were made with the developer . And is that it is one of the most famous predictive keyboards in the world and more efficient. And once in the hands of Microsoft began a new journey.

So now the company responsible for Windows has updated SwiftKey in the existing version for Andrdoid (the iOS has not yet arrived). An update that especially seeks to in an aspect such as the customization of the keyboard, which is now expanded with more options than those that by default in the form of Skin already offered Swiftkey.

So now users have the Photo Themes which is nothing to be able to use any photo we have to use it as a base on the keyboard. A functionality that for now Microsoft has only released for , although it is expected that it will not take long to reach iOS.

Together with the photos we have on our mobile, Swiftkey also offers a series of professional photos signed by the photographer Keith Ladzinski, who has made a series of snapshots that we can download to create our own backgrounds.

The aesthetic improvements are also completed with the possibility that now offers the keyboard add borders on the keys or include if we want the symbols on the keyboard . Swiftkey wants to conquer Android users with this update that you can download from the Play Store.

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