The 4G extends among the most basic mobiles to anticipate the shutdown of 2G and 3G networks


The most basic phones, those that do not allow or use WhatsApp, have never left, they have only left the protagonism to the smartphones. The reasons for having one are multiple, from wanting to live without the stress of constant notifications to no longer need or can be used as a second phone or emergency resource, so manufacturers like Nokia have decided to continue betting on them .

What we are beginning to see, especially in India launched handsets, is that these simple phones have connectivity. Adding to a basic 4G phone might seem unnecessary but in addition to the higher calls, which are also set in less time, there is a more reason: the progressive shutdown of 2G and 3G .

NokiaPowerUser has echoed a statement from Ajey Mehta, Vice President of HMD in India, which left the door open that we can see a Nokia 3310 not with 3G, but with 4G. The issue came up after the Jiophone 4G, a simple phone that will go on sale in December in the Asian country for just over 20 euros and that seems to be having a good reception in the form of reservations.

Millions of mobile phones will go to waste in years

The JioPhone 4G is the idea of ​​Reliance Jio, an Indian operator that only has 4G networks, which has prompted them to offer even free (in return for a refundable deposit to the three year) said basic phone. For calls the JioPhone uses VoLTE or voice over LTE, which only offers advantages: sound quality is much higher than in 2G and the time it takes to establish calls is reduced.

That's a powerful reason to put 4G, using chips like the Snapdragon 205, on phones that apparently do not take advantage of the fourth generation of mobile networks as much as a smartphone. Now, the most important is to offer customers the phones that will last for since the shutdown of 2G and 3G networks is the order of the day.

You have to make room for the 4G and the future 5G and it happens to turn off the old networks

For example, the shutdown of 2G in the United States by some operators caused Nokia not to sell its new 3310 there until the arrival of the 3G version. Vodafone pointed to 2020, only within three years, for the shutdown of 3G in Europe, so time is running out. All those mobile phones dependent on 2G and / or 3G will become paperweights in a few years and will adapt to the new times.