The first mobile without frames could be a Lumia that would not have cost more than 200 euros


we suffered a major invasion of mobiles without landmarks. It is not a good thing in itself, nor bad for any other reason, it is only reality. The Sharp Aquos Crystal started something that continued with the Xiaomi Mi Mix and today, in different shapes and with different thicknesses of edges, it is changing the form factor in the current panorama . And what's left to come.

But the story would have been different if Microsoft had done what it planned to do and in the end it did not. In the mind of the giant of Redmond there was a first mobile without frames, a Lumia 435 that would have advanced to all in 2014 and that finally it was discarded. Today, unfortunately, for mobile is dead and Nokia makes phones with Android. Maybe, just maybe, with this Nokia 435 everything would have been different.

The Lumia 435 "Sail" that never saw the light

It was the year 2014, Microsoft was already launching phones with its own name, having left the Nokia brand behind, with the mobile division of the Finns completely absorbed. What happened next is history, but there was a time when everything might have changed. A without frames was put on the table and was lost along the way.

The one that would have been the Nokia 435 without just frames ended up being a clonic mobile of so many others of the brand. The Nokia 435 might have 5 inches instead of 4 in the same body. How? Remaining frames to the maximum, to the maximum of what Microsoft could achieve in 2014. Today have filtered the images of the prototype, a Lumia Vela that was never and will never be.

 Lumia 435

The most important thing about this Lumia 435 unborn baby without frames is not only its screen, the interesting thing would have been the combination between this design and its final price. Microsoft planned to put it on the for about $ 200 which would have almost certainly translated into 200 euros when it arrived in Europe, for the change of currency favorable to the old continent but adding local taxes. ]

A phone that would have had a Snapdragon 200 inside it, 1GB of RAM and 4GB of internal storage, a configuration that today seems derisory but that in 2014 corresponded to cheap low-end phones . 200 dollars or 200 euros for having the first phone "without frames" in your hands that could have changed everything. For its accessibility and to reach all the territories.

 Lumia 435

Sharp arrived shortly after and was much more aggressive with the retreat of frames, and the Mi Mix was in charge of putting this design in fashion with a single lower frame. Today the other manufacturers try to remove the frames but not completely, basically following the same guidelines as that Lumia 435 that we will not see. Minimal borders but edges, after all, to encapsulate a screen carried to the last consequences.


we already know what would have happened if Microsoft took this Windows mobile in its gut, but probably would have forced a rudder in the company's mobile market. With more or less impact on sales or quotas, this Lumia 435 seemed designed to be a sales leader, as happened with the Lumia 520 the previous year. Maybe, just maybe, today the market would be very different.

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