The future are sodium batteries instead of lithium batteries


Several batteries have been designed, however, for the first time, one of these batteries has been designed which is capable of storing l at the same energy as a lithium battery but at a lower .

Zhenan Bao and his collaborators at Stanford, materials scientists Yi Cui and William Chueh

Sodium battery

The battery, in particular, costs about 80 percent of a lithium-ion battery with the same capacity. As explains Bao :


Nothing can outperform lithium. But lithium is so rare and expensive that we need to develop high-performance but low-cost batteries based on abundant such as sodium.

The sodium salt forms the cathode, which is the pole of the battery that stores the electrons. The internal chemistry of the battery moves these electrons towards the anode, which in this case is made of phosphorus. Stanford researchers believe that their study that sodium batteries can be cost-effective alternatives to lithium batteries .