"There is no fear of defrauding the nostalgic PC PC, even if there is no 2D simulator." Interview with Álfredo Bárcena, CMO of IDC Games

A few days ago the news leaped: one of the most successful video games created in Spain in history, whose name is sounded even for those who never played, came back with more strength than ever. And is that after a long season without knowing him, PC Football returns to make happy a generation of fans and get to know each other among the new.

'PC Soccer 18', the new version of the legendary title will arrive this month twice, since it will have two versions: a phone and another one faithful to its origins for PC. From Xataka Móvil we spoke with Alfredo Bárcena CMO of IDC Games, company that has been responsible for resurrecting the classic soccer simulator.

Two versions, but the same essence

  • Our first question is about the process of , because reborn a classic title should not be easy. How long have you been working on this project to recover PC Soccer?

Both Korner Entertainment (the other studio that is working on the relaunch) and us, we have been working on it for a year.

  • The most important news is that the game also comes with a mobile version that will work for both phones and tablets. Has it been complicated to adapt the gameplay to mobile devices?

If you had asked me this question 6 years ago I would have said yes, but in reality it has been easy for us, since in addition to taking many years in the development of applications mobile, has not been an adaptation to use, but a development from scratch.

  • It is commented that you can not use real computer names and , is it possible that licenses are negotiated with the leagues of each country to include these names?

At the moment there is no possibility, or at least not in the launch, since the cost of those licenses is exorbitant , but I hope PC 18 Soccer goes so well that we can do it in the medium term.

  • But in the old databases we find real names, what will you do in that case? Will the databases of the old editions be maintained?

Yes, they will be saved unless they have real names, there due to the issue of licenses that we have just commented, we will be forced to eliminate them.

At the moment real players' names can not be used because the cost of those licenses is exorbitant

  • In that case can the themselves modify the names of clubs and players at will?

Yes, of course, there is a system database that allows you to edit and add all the names you want.

  • One of the most remembered things about PC Soccer is the ability to play against other users. Do you want to compete with managers like Comunio with private leagues or the game will be single player?

PC Soccer will be single player at the start but the multiplayer format will arrive very shortly after its release, probably at the end of the year.

" For the development of the new PC Soccer has worked hand in hand with communities that have given us their opinion, also taking into account what players are asking today "

  • And speaking of memories and the past, PC Soccer is a game that marked a couple of generations, are you afraid of defrauding the players of a decade ago?

None, because for the development of the new PC Soccer has worked hand in hand with communities that have given their opinion, also taking into account what the players are asking for today. Maybe they complain because we have removed the 2D simulator (something I personally did not like at all), but you can not please everyone.

 Pcf Ing
  • Returning to the news of the new PC Soccer, specifically on the for different platforms, will there be cross-games between mobile and PC?

Yes, people can share their account on different devices

  • We assume that the mobile version will have a monetization system, which one have you chosen? Will there be some kind of in-app payments?

There will be a paid version, a pay to play, but also a free download in which there will be in-app purchases.

  • And with those in-app purchases, is there not risk of it becoming a pay-to-win?

No, because purchases will only serve to make processes faster, or to buy aesthetic changes, not for improvements in the level of the game or anything like that

"There will be a paid version, a pay to play, but also a free download in which there will be in-app purchases"

  • Another doubt about the mobile version: not all users have the same terminal and given that today there is a very disparate mobile ecosystem, can you play the same on a five-inch screen as on a larger diagonal?

Of course, and although for example the tablet versions are wonderful at the texture level , we have adapted the game so that it can run on all types of phone s, thinking especially in those countries where there is not much renewal and users have older devices.

  • Last but not least: do you already have a specific date for the launch?

Not yet, we are waiting for the last ones quality controls, will be throughout this month but may be delayed to December, we want to make sure that the game goes to market as it should be, perfect.

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