This could be the price rise of Amazon Prime in Spain

Rumors and speculations about the price increase of Amazon Prime in Spain have been growing for some time now. In October they told us in Engadget that this could be between 20 to 40 euros, tripling the current rate of 19.95 euros per year.

This time it is not about rumors, but a that the Amazon itself is making to consumers in which they ask the price that would be willing to pay for different Amazon Prime packages .

Our colleague from Xataka, Jesús Maturana was one of those who received this survey in his inbox, and several Twitter users have also reported the same thing.

The survey capture shows three possible combinations of Amazon Prime with three different rates . The first option would be the most expensive: 49 euros per year for shipping in 4-5 days for orders over 29 euros, Amazon Prime Video, and priority access to offers 30 minutes before the start.

The second option includes the same free shipping in 4-5 days together with unlimited photo storage for 29 euros per year. The last option is the one we currently have: 19 euros per year for free shipping 4-5 days, or 2-3 and 1 day without meeting the minimum purchase conditions, together with unlimited storage of photographs, but without Amazon Video .

It seems that Amazon is feeling the ground with the users to see what services are of most interest to Prime subscribers. In ADSL Zone they shared images of more combinations suggested in the survey, including a package of 69 euros a year that includes all the services of the image, and another of only 9 euros to enjoy free shipping and Amazon Video.

Be that as it may, even with the highest rate on the list, Amazon Prime in Spain would still be cheaper than the United States (84 euros per year at exchange) or United Kingdom (89 euros) . It makes sense that the upload is made by packages depending on what each user needs, the Amazon Prime Video offer in Spain is much lower than that of the United States, for much it would not justify paying 20 euros more if you only want free shipping mainly.

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