This game allows us to experience how complicated it is to be a driver of Uber


A few days ago, Uber was back to top, and again it was bad news for the . The transport of London denied the license renewal in order to continue operating in the British capital, ensuring that they do not meet the necessary requirements.

For years, criticism has been repeated against this company, stating that to be a driver of Uber many times you have to endless shifts in order to compensate for the cost of driving. Now a game seeks to show us how is the day to day of these workers.

Window And The Uber Game

The Uber Game is a game created by Financial Times based on interviews with "dozens of Uber drivers and studies on the operation of the company". Basically, they seek to show how stressful and depressing they can become a company worker.

The game is based on real data of drivers of Uber.

In this game we are invited to be a driver of Uber who has two children and faces a payment of mortgage of 1,000 in a week. That means we will have to make enough trips if we do not want to get in trouble.

Window And The Uber Game 2

 Window And The Uber Game 2

It gives us a choice between a easy and difficult mode . In the first option we can not afford to live in San Francisco, while in the second option we will have to live in Sacramento.

Window And The Uber Game

Window And The Uber Game “/>

This is the typical text-based adventure in which we will have to decide among several options available. The are very colorful, and it's a shame that they do not give the option of being able to drive the car. It would be great a version of 'Crazy Taxi' based on this data.

You can get to sleep in the car, take junk food quickly and keep working, make every possible trip and still not get the goal. Personally, after a week of hard work I have not exceeded 400 dollars. Of course, I sympathize with them for suffering the same:

 The Uber Game

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