TimeLine will not arrive in time for Fall Creators Update and it will be Redstone 4 version of Windows 10 in which it debuts


Months ago, when Fall Creators Update was introduced and we learned some of the news that we would see arrive, one of the most impacted was . A very attractive function that would be very useful for the user .

And before continuing it is worth remembering in what consists Timeline. It is a functionality, as its name implies, by creating a kind of timeline in which could scroll to see which application they used and why on a particular day. A utility they paint very well, especially for the most forgetful.

However we already knew the words of Joe Belfiore in which he commented that TimeLine would not arrive in with Fall Creators Update. The reason? They might not have found an appropriate way to implement it or that they were not clear about its use within the system.

However, and just a few days after the arrival of Fall Creators Update for all users (already goes through the Ring Release Preview), we had more data on TimeLine during Developer Day . Data through a sample in which Microsoft showed how the Timeline works.

A feature that will not come with Fall Creators Update but will do so with the next major update of Windows 10 that we come to call Redstone 4 that can already prove the members of the Insider Program in ring Skip Ahead and you should see the light globally in the spring of 2018.

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