Using a 'Shazam' to identify plants with your mobile

Thanks to Shazam, now we can know the name and the interpreter of any song that sounds around us. The same thing we can do in the field of plants with this app .

The project is of a group of botanists and researchers.

App for plants

Pl @ ntNet was launched in 2013 and, according to Play , it has been downloaded more than a million times. It works similarly to the song recognition service Shazam. The user takes a photo of a part of a leaf of a plant, a flower, a fruit or a stem / bark, the load, and then the application provides suggestions on what the plant can be by showing additional photos.

, the data collected by the application could help researchers draw conclusions based on the geographical distribution of plants and their in time and space. This could be particularly useful for identifying invasive species .

The creators of the iNaturalist application (currently owned by the California Academy of Sciences) promote similar benefits for their service .

Both Pl @ ntNet and iNaturalist claim to provide suggestions lists instead of strong identifications of what is seen in the image. With the incredible biodiversity that exists in our planet (almost 400,000 species of plants, for example), it is inevitable that the applications mistakenly identify some.