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Vektron The Accelerator

All around the world, the way we get from A to B is changing. With the world on the cusp of auto-mobility, ride sharing, and the mainstream arrival of electric vehicles, it’s an exciting moment for transportation. To help drive this force of change, we developed the world’s most compact Bosch-driven electric bike. The Tern Vektron takes everything great about folding bikes—multi-modal commuting, portability for travel and storage—and accelerates it.

  • Fits easily on buses and subways for electric multi-modal commuting
  • Resizes in seconds to fit riders 147 – 195 cm (4’10” – 6’5”) so a single bike can be shared by the family
  • Stores under a desk for convenient theft protection; no need to bring a heavy lock
  • Stash a pair in the trunk of a car for weekend getaways
  • German-engineered Bosch Active electric drivetrain—the industry leader in electric bike technology
  • T-Tuned™ geometry for a full-sized ride and comfort
  • Valo™ lighting system, with 150 lumens of power, for 24-hour visibility
  • Rear Cargo Rack™ works seamlessly with Yepp child seats—Maxi Easyfit or Junior Easyfit—for carrying kids

Which is why this one has a cracking big electric motor on it, I suppose?

Of course! Humans love outsourcing effort. Tired of tilling the soil, we made horses. Weary of shackling up multiple horses to the giant ploughs we had bought (after reading a review in Total Clod Mover magazine) we invented the one-box multihorse, AKA tractor.

Horses became horsepowers, farms became mechanised and farmers now control the whole operation from their beds using a Nintendo Classic controller and Google Cardboard headset.


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