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2017 has been a very year as far as smartphones are concerned and this is what we have found in our numerous analyzes. In the comments you have left us your opinions, but now it is time to choose the best in a new edition of the Xataka Awards, which will be held on November 23 at 9:00 pm in the Palace de Cibeles de Madrid.

This year we bring a novelty in the category of smartphones: we went from three to four categories . We continue dividing them by the criterion that we most objectively believe that it offers, that of the price in Spain, reaching up to 200 euros in the entry range, from 200 to 449 euros in the average, from 450 to 949 euros in the and starting of 950 euros in the new super high-end.

And the candidates are …

Below you can see the wide lists of candidates in each category. The only conditions are that the is on sale officially in Spain and that its launch date is after the previous Xataka Awards. No more palaver, these are the best smartphones of the year candidates:

Input range



Super high-end

Vote for the best smartphones

To deposit your I vote only you have to go to Xataka. Then we leave the links to each of the categories:

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