What are the favorite foods of children?


Following the screening of a children's menu database of the top 500 US restaurant chains children's favorite foods have been inferred.

The feature to all of them is that food, above all, should be fun.

Potato chips

French fries often appear on children's menus, even though they are not healthy. Specifically, of almost 2,000 menu items from these restaurants, 710 were carrying potato chips .

They were more than twice as many times as any other element, accompanied by all kinds of food, from hot dogs to spaghetti. The problem is that in the dish there would be more fried, as explained Bee Wilson in his book The first bite :


As a main course, the parents would let the child ask for something else fried in a fryer: more than half of the seconds that were part of the sample were fried, and the others were usually burgers or pasta. The most common were pieces of chicken breaded and fried in fryer, disguised in various ways to make them more appealing to .

The dessert tended to be frozen.
Image | Jorge Franganillo