Why do we sometimes feel relief and joy when we cancel a plan?

Even if we really want to meet someone in person, on many occasions, when we cancel the plan, we feel relief or joy. One reason for this is that, in general, we have tight schedules, and it is always satisfactory to have some free hours that we already had allocated .

Another reason could be that, in a certain way, we are all sloths: until we are not in the meeting or appointment, from the comfort of the sofa, everything becomes a world. But there are more reasons fostered by relationships.

Online relationship

The comedian John Mulaney once said: "In terms of instant relief, canceling plans is like heroin … a joy snapshot". Something that is now much more underlined thanks to social , such as Facebook.

When the person with whom we interact is someone who is rarely seen face to face, it may seem like a monumental effort to make the leap from social networks to real-life interactions, compared to the ease of sending a text occasional. As explained by Sherry Turkle director of the MIT on and author of Reclaiming Conversation:

People feel that their contact needs are met by keeping up with their phone, so be with people in person become a burden. Meeting can be stressful, but online or by text message our relationships are ordered: we can hide what we want to hide and evade people when things get uncomfortable.

Also, when we cancel online plans we do not have to see or hear the disappointment or the sadness of the other
Image | Fabio Sola Penna