will be compatible with fixed numbers and other new details in the open


We have been waiting for WhatsApp to get going and we are gradually getting to know what will be the newest for the most used instant messaging application in the world for the business sector. The last thing we have learned is that there will be verified company profiles, to give security to users, and the existence of two separate tools, one for businesses and one for the larger ones.

And today we know more details of WhatsApp Business for small businesses. This version is intended for small businesses and companies that want to contact and be contacted by their customers through the application, with a very simple tool to use will be a WhatsApp to use adapted to business needs with automatic responses and statistics on its use. Let's go into the details.

Making it easier for small businesses

Fixed telephone numbers may be used

When a private user registers in WhatsApp the only requirement or data is essential to have a number, through which verification is done, first via SMS and if it fails through a call in which a locution gives us the number to insert into the application. Well, one of WhatsApp Business's new features is that it will allow you to use a fixed number.

WhatsApp has considered that some companies may only have a fixed number and that they also have the right to access the service. It is to be imagined that in this case the verification will be done by means of a call received in the fixed number. When accessing the web version we do not know if it will be strictly to have the application on a mobile connected to the internet, as is necessary now.

WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business on the same mobile

Another point that WhatsApp has taken care of is the possibility that those small businesses that use a mobile as a work tool can use the application for personal and professional. There are already unofficial ways to use WhatsApp with two different numbers on the same mobile, but in this case it will be possible to have a personal number in the normal application and the professional in WhatsApp Business, because in the end deals with two applications on the same mobile.

Company Profiles in Groups

Business-to-customer contact usually occurs in one-to-one conversations, but business profiles may also be present in groups although we do not know who can create such groups. We know it because in these automatic responses will only jump if a user mentions the business profile with an @.

Many doubts remain unresolved

Thanks to the information to which we have access, we know new details, but before WhatsApp's secrecy and the apparently few companies that are participating in the tests, there are still many doubts that remain to be solved.

For example, at the moment WhatsApp Business for small businesses seems to be a mobile and tablet application, compatible with WhatsApp Web although in this case the functions seem to be limited. We are surprised that WhatsApp does not bet on a desktop version that will facilitate its handling by a business, which could offer different users to access the tool for example.

In the face of WhatsApp's mutism, we do not know if there will be a more powerful desktop tool or how to access tools for large companies

Another question is to which point WhatsApp Business will be restrictive with the communication of business towards users . From the application they have always ensured that they will take care not to become a new spam route and that users will be able to block business contacts just as we can block private users, but we do not know for example if it is authorized to send massive messages in the style of a broadcast list

In addition, knowing that there will be a version for large companies, we do not know if restrictions or conditions will be available to access it . As far as we know this version would be useful for sending automatic messages, as already does the airline KLM for example with boarding passes or important notices to its travelers, with an integration via APIs that will generate a new parallel business in the form of companies that are engaged in this task.

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